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The only person in the world who cares more about your pet than we do .. is you

Dr. Murphy is a truly gifted veterinarian with an extraordinary, caring staff. He treated our Yorkie, Peanie, like she was his. Peanie is alive today because of him.

By Cynthia & Simon Rosen, Palm Harbor
Is Your Pet Suffering From Itchy Skin?

We are an International Referral Center for the Treatment of Pet Birds. Because we would love to help you care for your pet bird, we offer the following for new pet bird clients.


off your pet bird’s first routine yearly checkup. Because pet birds hide all clinical signs of illness, a bird checkup is much more thorough than a routine exam for a dog or cat.

A pet bird routine yearly checkup includes:
Complete physical exam
Complete cell count
Biochemical Profile
Bile acid test
Gram stain
Bacterial and fungal culture
Phase microscopy exam of blood smear

This offer is valid for a new client's first exam for one bird only.

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