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The only person in the world who cares more about your pet than we do .. is you

Dr. Murphy is a truly gifted veterinarian with an extraordinary, caring staff. He treated our Yorkie, Peanie, like she was his. Peanie is alive today because of him.

By Cynthia & Simon Rosen, Palm Harbor
Is Your Pet Suffering From Itchy Skin?
Gastroentestinal Disorders
Acute Colitis
Acute Gastritis
Acute Pancreatitis
Anal Sac Disease
Cholangitis-Cholangiohepatitis Syndrome in Cats
Chronic Colitis
Chronic Gastritis
Chronic Pancreatitis
Chronic Vomiting in Cats
Chronic Active Hepatitis in Dogs
Copper-Associated Hepatitis
Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis
Exocrine Pancreatic Disease
Gastric Dilatation/Volvulus
Gastric Ulceration
Gastrointestinal Foreign Objects
Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis
Hepatic Cirrhosis
Hepatic Encephalopathy
Hepatic Lipidosis in Cats
Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats
Intestinal Obstruction
Liver Disease
Malabsorption Syndrome
Perianal Fistula
Portal Shunting
Protein-Losing Gastroenteropathy
Pyloric Stenosis and Pylorospasm
Rectal Prolapse
Spastic Colon
Ulcerative Colitis in Boxers
How To Care For ... Your Pet Bird
ABVP Organization
Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor
Natural Grief Cures
Animal and Nature Photography
Renew Life
Rain Flower Essence
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Surgery at the Animal & Bird Medical Center of Palm Harbor
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