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Dr. Murphy is a truly gifted veterinarian with an extraordinary, caring staff. He treated our Yorkie, Peanie, like she was his. Peanie is alive today because of him.

By Cynthia & Simon Rosen, Palm Harbor
Is Your Pet Suffering From Itchy Skin?

Dr. Murphy is a truly gifted veterinarian with an extraordinary, caring staff. He treated our Yorkie, Peanie, like she was his. Peanie is alive today because of him.

-Cynthia & Simon Rosen, Palm Harbor

It is a great comfort to have a nationally prominent veterinary center within driving distance of our home. Very few facilities offer the knowledge, experience and sophistication available at Animal & Bird Medical Center, especially in treating pet birds and other exotic pets. The doctors and staff are caring as well as highly competent, and we strongly recommend them.

-Edward H. Sarbey, Sarasota

I always know Dr. Murphy is giving his best every time my pets need his care. He is the most caring and thorough veterinarian I have ever met. He takes the time to listen to me and gives excellent follow-up whenever my pets are sick."

-Nancy Graf, Dunedin

Thanks for your special care during Trixie's dental, and thanks for allowing me to observe. It was a terrific learning experience. you all are the best!

-Judy Wilson, Tarpon Springs, FL

Our sincerest thanks for saving the life of our dear Pikey. He's back to health & vigor, and we are very grateful for your knowledge, kindness and good advise. Your staff was professional and loving and helped to ease Pikey's fears in the midst of such scary times. We were fortunate to have all of you help him and us through this difficult period.

-Geoff & Vanessa Palmer, Palm Harbor, FL.

Words can not show my appreciation for the great care and  friendship you have shown my boy Tiki through my hospital stay and rehab. But I am so happy to have Tiki home with me- where he belongs! Thank you- Thank you!

-Joann K. Graham, Clearwater, FL

Thank you for all of the compassionate care you have given our pets & us all of these years!

-Martin & Sue Broward, Palm Harbor, FL

Thank you so much for all of the love and caring you've shown Tiffany & all of my animal family. you have so much compassion. Everyone of you are God's Angels!

-Ms. Barbara Randolfi, Clearwater,FL.

Your quick actions and loving attention made the difference in saving Nic Nak Foster's life.

-Maxie and Sue Foster, Palm Harbor, FL

This is just a note to say  "thank you" for showing our pets just how much you care. "you sure are different" than most.... You took extra time with Marley & Indy on such a busy Saturday. Thank you for your time and kindness, you treat our parrots as if they were your own... and I love how you handle these guy's. We were very pleased with you and your staff. We are so blessed to have found you... Lets hope Marley gets better, with your gift of knowing birds. I feel very positive, that you'll find a way to help her. It has been our pleasure to work with you. You sure do love your work & it shows!

-Adam & Starlet Anderson, Zephyrhills, FL

Just a note to say thank you very much for your kindness and generosity during Molly's care last week.

When you found the abnormality during her routine spay surgery, I know you needed to do extra work to remove it.

Thank you very much for your kindness as well as the excellent care you gave Molly

-Dawn Rutigliano, Palm Harbor

You are always there for us. We so appreciate the truly exceptional care you give to our "Muppie" Thank you for your wonderful staff also. They are so giving of themselves. You are our hero!!

-Charles & Chris Carnesi, Palm Harbor, FL

Thank you all so much for taking care of Cricket's emergency. We truly do appreciate all you do-much more than you will ever know or be adequately thanked for.

-Mark & Deb Lamana, Palm Harbor, FL

About five months ago my blue and gold Macaw, Stryker started having noise from her sinuses and wheezing in her chest. I felt she might have an upper respiratory infection. I live in Knoxville, TN and took her to a vet in Oak Ridge, TN. He took a white count and said her white count was high end of normal. He also did a bacterial culture and fungal and said nothing showed up and as long as her weight was good and she was eating she was OK. I felt this was not a proper diagnosis, so I took her to the University of TN vet where they did a culture sensitivity and said that she had nothing wrong and relied on white count results at Oak Ridge vet.

A couple of months went by and she was not getting better so I decided to take her to Dr. Murphy in Palm Harbor, FL. Her white count was very high. So he did a bacterial and fungal culture and sensitivity and the bacterial came back as Klebsiella. He also did x-rays and found she had plaque built up in her arteries.

I should have gone to Dr. Murphy at the start of Stryker's illness. It is a long drive but it was worth it to go to a vet who is top in the Avian field. His lab is very extensive and he had the results right away on the white count. He also gave Stryker a very thorough examination and is up to date on all the latest in Avian medicine and treatments and also uses holistic treatment in animals. Stryker is now on an antibiotic and a antifungal for her illnesses.

I will be going back the week of Thanksgiving to see if her white count is down and do another culture. It is very important to go to a ABVP certified vet like Dr. Murphy who is always staying up to date on the diseases and treatment of birds.

-Leslie Lewis, Knoxville, TN
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