About Our Palm Harbor Animal Clinic

The Animal & Bird Medical Center… There’s No Place Like It!

There is virtually no other veterinary hospital like it anywhere in the area. The doctors and staff at the Animal & Bird Medical Center give you and your pet the most tender loving care in one of the most state of the art hospitals in Florida. The hospital is owned by Dr. Joel Murphy who has written books, lectured all over the world and is recognized as a national authority on pet care. He has assembled a team of highly trained professionals to care for your pet.

We're able to respond in minutes...
Not Hours or Days with Our State of the Art In House Lab

In an emergency, mere minutes can make a huge difference for your pet’s health and survival. It’s critical for the vet to make an accurate diagnosis of the problem the moment you bring your pet in. We have the ability to do immediate blood diagnostic tests with in-house equipment that will do all of the biochemical, electrolytical and hematologic lab tests right here in the office and complete them in a matter of minutes! At other vet hospitals that don’t have this technology, your pet would have to wait 12 to 24 hours for lab results from an outside lab, and that, quite frankly, could end in tragedy for you and your pet.

The Safest Surgery Possible For Your Pet

The Animal & Bird Medical Center is equipped with the same anesthetic monitoring equipment that’s used on people in today’s best hospitals, because accurate monitoring during surgery is critical to avoiding tragedy while your pet is on the operating table. Advanced monitoring systems will alert Dr. Murphy and his staff of ALL potential problems during a surgical procedure. Our machines are so sensitive that we know when your pet’s oxygen level changes by just 2%! When a pet is under anesthesia at our hospital they are monitored with Nalcor pulse oximetry, Dinamap blood pressure, EKG and we have an ADS 1000 computer breathing for your pet – positive pressure ventilation just like the care given to children in a human hospital.

Gas Anesthesia is Safer with Quicker Recovery!

In addition, Dr. Murphy and his staff also use the safest anesthesia available, called Isoflurane Anesthetic Gas, which allows your pet to wake up much quicker and have far less drowsiness than does standard injectable anesthetics.

Better Equipment Means Better Surgery & Faster Healing!

The Animal & Bird Medical Center also features an Ellman radiosurgical unit that allows for precise micro-surgical procedures on birds as small as parakeets. Fiber optic surgical equipment is used for performing biopsies and exploratory diagnostic procedures. With this high-tech equipment, your pet’s incision will be as small as 2.5mm, allowing it to heal very fast and avoid infections.

For orthopedic surgery, we have a complete orthopedic suite with all of the same Hall’s hand pieces that are used in human hospitals.

With all this advanced technology, we may be able to send your pet home with you on the same day as the surgery!

High-Tech Tests That Can Save Your Pet's Life!

Your pet faces many health dangers that may profoundly affect him or her – and yet, they might not be noticeable to you until it’s too late. The Animal & Bird Medical Center possesses the latest in-house tests for detecting leukemia in cats and heartworm in dogs. While you wait, we can check your pet for these common and deadly diseases in just minutes. If your pet is disease-free, you can breathe a sigh of relief and know your pet is healthy and happy.

State-of-the-Art Technology - Digital Radiology, Ultrasound, Echocardiology, Endoscopy

The Animal & Bird Medical Center is equipped with the latest medical technology for both diagnostics and your pet’s safety. We have the latest digital radiology technology that greatly increases the amount of information from xrays.

We have a state-of-the-art Siemans Ultrasound for both abdominal ultrasound and echocardiology. Digital tonometry to check for glaucoma.

We also have a complete Olympus Videoscope for Endoscopy to diagnose esophageal disease, stomach disease and obstructions as well as colon disease.

Complete Dental Suite

For your pet’s dental care we have a complete dental suite with dental drills, cavitron just like your Dentist’s office.

An Important Update From Animal & Bird Medical Center On COVID-19

We are committed to offering a safe and healthy environment for our clients, pets and hospital team here at Animal and Bird Medical Center. The best way to avoid becoming ill is to avoid exposure to the virus. Taking typical preventive actions is key.

In being cautious and mindful of everyone’s safety, we are actively working to minimize your exposure to crowded exam rooms and long waits in the lobby.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to our protocols in-hospital for the time-being…

In order to limit exposure while still providing quality care for your pet, we will be implementing special protocols to keep you safe.

We will have our veterinary technicians get a history of the patient’s symptoms and owner’s concerns via phone prior to coming into the clinic.

Our goal is for you to be able to bring your pet in for medical care but have no risk for you or our dedicated staff of transmitting the COVID-19 virus.

The Doctors and staff are dedicated to making sure your pet’s medical needs are taken care of during this national crisis.

We can still fill prescriptions for pick up, however, for those who prefer, non-narcotic and non-urgent prescriptions can be mailed to your home.

As always, careful hand-washing and other infection control practices can greatly reduce the chance of spreading any disease.