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Herpesvirus Infection in Dogs

Animals Affected – Dog

General Information
Canine herpesvirus (CHV) infection is a contagious disease caused by a strain of herpesvirus that is related to, but different from, the strains that infect people.

Adult dogs may carry the virus in the lining of the nose, throat, lungs, and genital tract without showing signs of illness unless they are stressed by illness or injury. Puppies become infected while still in the uterus, during birth, or from secretions of the mother or other infected puppies. Infected puppies under 10 days of age usually die. Puppies over 3 weeks of age may contract CHV but their illness is much less severe and usually appears as a mild respiratory infection. These puppies can shed the virus in their secretions for about 3 weeks after recovery.

People are not susceptible to CHV infection.

Important Points in Treatment

1. Isolation of the affected dam and puppies and strict hygiene are essential to prevent infection of healthy puppies.
2. Little can be done for infected puppies under 3 weeks of age. Using heat lamps or a heated whelping box to maintain a rectal temperature of 100 to 102° F may reduce virus multiplication.
3. Older infected puppies and adult dogs seldom require treatment.
4. Forced feeding of infected puppies may be helpful. The doctor will demonstrate how to tube-feed puppies if you wish to try this procedure.

An Important Update From Animal & Bird Medical Center On COVID-19

We are committed to offering a safe and healthy environment for our clients, pets and hospital team here at Animal and Bird Medical Center. The best way to avoid becoming ill is to avoid exposure to the virus. Taking typical preventive actions is key.

In being cautious and mindful of everyone’s safety, we are actively working to minimize your exposure to crowded exam rooms and long waits in the lobby.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have made some changes to our protocols in-hospital for the time-being…

In order to limit exposure while still providing quality care for your pet, we will be implementing special protocols to keep you safe.

We will have our veterinary technicians get a history of the patient’s symptoms and owner’s concerns via phone prior to coming into the clinic.

Our goal is for you to be able to bring your pet in for medical care but have no risk for you or our dedicated staff of transmitting the COVID-19 virus.

The Doctors and staff are dedicated to making sure your pet’s medical needs are taken care of during this national crisis.

We can still fill prescriptions for pick up, however, for those who prefer, non-narcotic and non-urgent prescriptions can be mailed to your home.

As always, careful hand-washing and other infection control practices can greatly reduce the chance of spreading any disease.